Doctor Who Figure Gold Dalek Eaglemoss Model Rare BONUS Dalek #BD1

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This stunning figure of the Gold Dalek features incredible detail and is part of a collectable series of fine quality figurines.

The figurine shows the Gold Dalek, the leader of the Daleks on 22nd-century Earth. It’s a planet ravaged by nuclear war, a war that should never have happened. The Doctor has to use all his wits to try to thwart the Daleks’ plans, and also to stop guerrillas from the future accidentally starting the war in the first place!

Figures in this collectable series are frozen in a 'Moment in Time' pose which is detailed on the collectors box.

This Dalek featured in 'The Day of the Daleks' and is a rare Bonus Dalek in the series.

Fully BBC licensed and approved merchandise.

Scale 1:21, approx 70mm tall.

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