Bonus Rare Daleks

Original subscribers to the Eaglemoss collection had the option to increase their 'sub' by £1 and receive a 'Rare Dalek' with every 10 issues.

Plinths for display were also produced for this series and we also include the 'bonus' issues of the 2 Daleks, K-9 & Dalek Emperor.

Unless otherwise stated - no magazines are included - just the brand new figure in its new original packaging as we've received direct from the manufacturer.

Please note that the SD #s don't always reference with Rare Dalek numbers so Rare Dalek 19 is SD21 for example. There are also other anomalies such as there being two SD6s & two SD13s.

Where BUYING is noted, this is the price paid for perfect condition figures in their original blister and box packaging.
Please phone 01442 259 612 or call in store to arrange purchase. Maximum of 5 per item.

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