Doctor Who Figure Minotaur Eaglemoss Model Issue #S17

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This stunning figure of the Minotaur features incredible detail and is part of a collectable series of fine quality figurines.

In the tale,the Doctor, Rory and Amy arrive in what looks like a hotel, but everything about it is fake – and the Doctor is fascinated to find out why. Unfortunately, the answer is that it’s a prison for a monstrous creature that feeds on faith, and if the Doctor doesn’t break Amy’s faith in him then she might become the latest victim of the Minotaur’s strange appetite!

Figures in this collectable series are frozen in a 'Moment in Time' pose which is detailed on the collectors box.

The mythical Minotaur has featured in Doctor Who no less than four times(we’re including the Nimon!), but this latest version, designed by the brilliant monster makers at Millennium FX is by far the best and that is the version featured here from the fantastic Eleventh Doctor adventure from 2011, The God Complex.

Fully BBC licensed and approved merchandise.

Scale 1:16, approx 170mm tall.

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