Doctor Who Figure Slitheen Eaglemoss Boxed Model Issue #S2 DAMAGED PACKAGING

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This stunning figure of a Slitheen features incredible detail and is part of a collectable series of fine quality figurines.

Disguised as members of the British establishment, these aliens from Raxacoricofallapatorius engineer a global panic to obtain the codes for Britain's nuclear arsenal. With the weapons, they plan to turn Earth into radioactive scrap and sell it!

Figures in this collectable series are frozen in a 'Moment in Time' pose which is detailed on the collectors box.

This member of the Slitheen family is a detailed replica from the 2005 story Aliens in London/World War Three.

Fully BBC licensed and approved merchandise.

Scale 1:16, approx 85mm tall.

Whilst brand new, the packaging on these may be slightly crushed. The figures are fine. Please only purchase on this understanding.

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